The clean and bare outdoor walls are plastered with colours obtained from natural pigments: greys on the floor and terraces, and whites on the walls – a white that is identified with the traditional houses on the island of Ibiza. The whole outdoor space is completed with the geometry of the stairs that lead up to the house and the terraces. These are enclosed around their perimeter by benches made of old wooden railway sleepers. The terrace is covered by a metal and polyethylene structure, which was added in a second phase, to offset the hot summer sun. Outside, the entrances are protected by large metal double doors, painted in the same colour as the walls, and which, when closed over the large windows, merge in with them.

Ca Na Xemena 20Vista-Ca-Na-Xamena-WEB6 - IMG_0460 copiaCa Na Xemena 17Terraza-cocina-Ca-Na-Xamena-WEBCa Na Xemena 14Terraza-bajo-Ca-Na-Xamena-WEB4 - IMG_02173 - IMG_1192 copia copia2 - IMG_1043-retocarsolarium-Ca-Na-Xamena-WEBIMG_7961-copiaTerraza-9-Ca-Na-Xamena-WEBTerraza-7-Ca-Na-Xamena-WEB8 - IMG_1256IMG_1269-buenajose