Right from the preparation of the initial plans, the volumes and built elements were expressed with absolute fluidity, without them being exposed to any rigid geometrical scheme, whilst at the same time maintaining a formal unit. The architectural unit is organized around the rock face, and is defined as a compact and apparently simple whole, establishing a parallelism with the morphology of the cliffs. The different levels over which the floor plan is distributed act as an element that invigorates the space, which gives the outdoor areas, such as the pool and the terrace, their own identity, facing the sea, which allows the changing light of the Mediterranean to be enjoyed at all hours of the day.

A4_AlzadoSur_E_1_200A4_AlzadoNorte_E_1_200A4_Planta -2_E_1_200A4_Planta -1_E_1_200A4_Planta 0_E_1_200A4_Planta +1_E_1_200A4_AlzadoOeste_E_1_200A4_AlzadoEste_E_1_200